Beneath all the back and forth about books and ebooks and Kindles and Noooks are stories. I don't know if there is anything more constant in human interaction than the story telling. Stories have always been drifting in the air when people meet.

Whether told around a cooking fire in a cave with artists painting stories on the walls, or whether it is the quick anecdote posted on a blog's comment roll; stories are what binds us to each other. Stories are what drive us apart.

My goal in starting this publication is to continue in the tradition of bringing stories about people to people. Very broadly I mean to collect works from different media and genre that bring light to the human condition.

I have been very lucky in having received a nearly unmanageable number of submissions from all over the world and in a few languages. The drive to communicate, to reach out and interact is very strong. Having to select such a small number of works from all that was submitted was difficult, and I want to thank everyone who submitted their work.

I hope you find the works here engaging and enlightening.

Christopher Hornung

Jennifer Mills Kerr
Writing Workshops



Publisher's Note

Rational Anthem Ivan Jenson

Just Like That Jennifer Mills Kerr

Dancing In The Shadows of Greatness Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Life slips Allison Whittenberg

The Dream Bruce McAllister

Debate in Seasons Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Ell Kyle Bradstreet

warm broken cookies Jessica Provencio

egomaniac Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Photo Circa 1969, The Art of Redaction Scott T. Starbuck

At The Special Olympics Sandra Ervin Adams